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Nass Valley Gardens does not participate in the production or sales of feminized and genetically modified seed. We believe that the CBD plant in its purest and natural form is the way nature intended it to grow and will create the most beneficial healing qualities the plant has to offer. We believe our natural heirloom seeds and farming techniques will maximize the yield of the whole plant and provide the grower with the full confidence that his or her CBD product will satisfy any level of buyer. This is why our products at Nass Valley Gardens are sourced from natural seed only and do not genetically modify at any stage of our process.

The market is saturated with products containing crops farmed from Forced Feminized seeds. Forced Feminized seeds genetically modify the plants produced from that seed, which is what you are putting into your body! These genetic modifications and mutations are not done to improve the medicinal properties nor oil output of the plant. The mutations are and always have been done for two reasons: Allows “lazier” CBD farmers to grow CBD while not needing to employ good farm management skills, and to force the “lazier” farmers to repurchase the same genetically mutated seeds for every new crop.


We Are Publicly Traded

The genius of Nass Valley Gardens

Nass Valley Gardens is a publicly-traded company currently trading under Nass Valley Gateway LTD (NVG) on the CSE, OTC, and Frankfurt exchange in the Life Sciences category. Nass Valley Gardens was born due to the CBD industry spiraling out of control. Companies have been popping up left and right who have no core values and regulations. Nass Valley Gardens was created in late 2018 with the purpose to revolutionize the market, creating new standards for others to fall in line, and most importantly provide consumers with a CBD brand they can trust wholeheartedly.

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Why Nass Valley Gardens?

When produced and used correctly, CBD has countless benefits to your mind, body, and soul. That's why Nass Valley Gardens' mission is to help people everywhere find balance in their lives by providing organic non-gmo CBD products extracted that are FDA registered and GMP certified.

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It All Starts in The Field

The processes to grow organic CBD are held to a much higher standard. It all starts in the field, where the soil must be clean from any non-organic crop for at least three years before non-organic CBD can be grown. The soil must be maintained through crop rotations, natural ground tilling, and naturally-sourced fertilizers. Finally, the use of genetic engineering is prohibited – meaning you will never see an “organic” CBD oil that comes from genetically-modified seeds.

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What's Organic non-GMO CBD?

Like the fruits and vegetables you buy, when you get organic, you're purchasing a higher level of care. But in the CBD world, this goes beyond simply not using pesticides. To earn the label "organic," the CBD must also be grown and treated in very specific conditions outlined by the U.S Department of Agriculture.

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In the Field

During the process, organic harvested plants continue to be subjected to even stricter controls. During harvest and handling, all non-agricultural ingredients – synthetic or not – must conform to a strict federal list. If it’s under the “prohibited” banner of the “National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances,” then it can’t be labeled organic. Organic products also can't touch any of the prohibited substances or non-organic, as cross-contamination ruins the crops.

Our Core Values

Our purpose is to promote better alternative healthcare outcomes for consumers by providing high quality innovating hemp derived products. By doing so, we will not only provide consumers with premium products but also drive enterprise and shareholder value.

What is our Mission

Our mission is to help the greatest number of people possible to feel better by providing them with the highest quality CBD-based therapies. We will accomplish this mission by becoming the leading CBD producer and supplier to retailers and wholesalers worldwide.
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Product Promise

Our promise is to deliver the highest quality of products throughout our sales and distribution channels, while educating our consumers in best practices and to provide them with the highest rate of CBD efficacy while consuming our Nass Valley Gardens products. We believe in our products and stand by them wholeheartedly, which is why we provide a 60 day satisfaction guarantee! 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to promote better alternative healthcare outcomes for consumers by providing high quality innovating CBD derived products. By doing so, we will not only provide consumers with premium products but also drive enterprise and shareholder value.

Following The Rules

We hold regulations in high regard, as they protect both individuals and companies from harm. There is a need for safety and oversight in how products are manufactured, transported, and sold within our communities. We believe in honest labeling and accurate claims of the benefits of CBD.  Nass Valley Gardens and strictly comply with all local, state, national, and international laws and guidelines regarding CBD-based products.

Our Carbon Footprint

The only thing our company wants to leave behind is a positive impact on individuals and communities. At Nass Valley Gardens, we believe in the conscious consideration of our planet, recycling, and making decisions to protect the Earth from further environmental harm.

GMP Registered Facilities


Manufactured, packaged, and stored in high-tech FDA and
NSFGMP Registered facilities

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