CBD and headaches 

CBD and Headaches: Recent Studies Show Healing Benefits

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants that do not produce any psychoactive effects or feelings of being “high” when consumed. According to a recent study, CBD oil has been proven effective in reducing headaches. The clinically validated survey showed that 86% of the respondents said they experienced a decrease in headache after using CBD formulation for a trial period of 30-days. CBD is also non-toxic and will not cause an overdose even if large doses are taken. CBD can be ingested as oil or Capsule, inhaled through a vaporizer, applied topically on the skin (salve), or injected intravenously. Below are some recent studies that have shown benefits towards CBD usage for headaches.

Studies show healing benefits of CBD for Headaches

Research has shown that CBD has promoted more relief for migraines compared to numerous medications. As per the study, CBD oil is successfully being used for migraine relief. It can be applied by adding a few drops under the tongue. The oil is then absorbed into the bloodstream, providing pain relief for headaches and throughout the body. 

Additionally, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is useful in treating chronic pain and aids in reducing stress and anxiety, which can sometimes lead to migraines. CBD has no psychoactive effects or potential drug interaction, unlike other medications that are often prescribed to treat headaches. It helps reduce the intensity of an existing headache as well as prevent future headaches from occurring.  

Unlike other painkillers, CBD oil is not addictive. It does not create the same negative side effects that come with opioid-based medications to treat chronic conditions.

Migraines Affect One Billion People Worldwide

Migraines are one of the top 20 most disabling illnesses in developed countries. It is considered one of the most debilitating conditions worldwide by the World Health Organization. However, CBD can help those who suffer from migraines live a more productive life.

According to a recent study conducted by the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are one of the most prevalent neurological diseases in the world. They affect approximately 39 million people in the U.S. and about one billion globally. CBD is a powerful and beneficial treatment for migraines because it helps reduce inflammation, which can be useful for patients who suffer from chronic headaches. It has become one of the most popular alternative remedies to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and acne.

CBD inhibits the transmission of pain signals to your brain. It can also inhibit, or turn down, the neuronal circuits involved in chronic migraines as it has anti-inflammatory effects that are probably why people who have certain types of headaches with a lot of inflammation say they get some relief from CBD oil. 

Moreover, in various states, CBD has been approved to be used as an alternative for opioid-based painkillers. It can ease treating chronic conditions like arthritis, back pain, and facial muscle spasms.  

Listed below are some benefits of CBD for headaches based on studies. 

7 Benefits for CBD and Headaches

CBD can help reduce headaches. Here’s why.

  1. CBD is a powerful medicine that has the potential to aid pain, anxiety, and other conditions our bodies could suffer from with few side effects. CBD capsules are also available as an alternative method of CBD usage without having to inhale CBD oil.
  2. CBD has been found to ease the feeling of headaches and other medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and epilepsy. It helps reduce migraine, headache intensity, and frequency by reducing inflammation.
  3. CBD may help reduce inflammation in the brain, which is associated with headaches and migraines. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent the swelling of cells. 
  4. CBD has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It may help enhance your recovery if you’ve got slow-healing wounds. CBD has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which can speed up your recovery time and also fend off infections.
  5. CBD oil for headaches may help reduce pain and swelling in joints and muscles without causing side effects like nausea or vomiting. 
  6. CBD may help alleviate a wide range of health complications. If you have trouble sleeping, feeling stress from work, or have back pain from a workout CBD may help reduce these discomforts and other chronic conditions.
  7. CBD is now easier to obtain. With the legal restriction for CBD becoming less prevalent, CBD has become more available, and it is easier than ever to find the perfect formula for you. You can order CBD online, get CBD at a local health food store or a medical office without a prescription.

In conclusion, headaches are one of the biggest public health concerns and the reason for enormous individual and societal costs (estimated at $14.4 billion annually) due to decreased quality of life and disability. Several studies have shown that CBD can help reduce headaches. It is a dynamic medicine that can treat pain, anxiety, and many other conditions with few or no side effects. CBD capsules are also an alternative method for taking CBD without having to take an oil tincture. CBD provides significant relief from chronic pain because CBD targets the endocannabinoid system. CBD can help reduce inflammation in the brain, which is associated with headaches and migraines. CBD also has anti-nausea and pain-relieving properties that may be effective for headaches. It is more likely that cannabis (CBD) will emerge as one of the most effective treatments for headaches. 

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