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Why Is The Perfect Addition To CBD For Holistic Health

Quite frequently, we’ve overlooked the powerful role cannabis has in CBD for holistic health wellness. While cannabis has been used throughout history holistically, the most recent emphasis on ‘Band-Aid’ medicine (practices that focus on ‘fixing’ problems instead of preventing them) has turned much focus away from general whole-body wellness, in order to maintain a ‘live fast attitude. 

However, cannabis has the potential to become the perfect addition to your holistic health and can be used for way more than simply a ‘quick fix’ for whatever’s bothering you. When you combine cannabis with a holistic lifestyle, it might help prevent ailments before they start. 

The idea behind the practice of holistic wellness is that when one area of an individual suffers, the other areas get thrown off balance. For instance, prolonged work-related stress could cause inability to sleep and physical pain in some individuals. Likewise, a chronic medical condition could lead to sleep disturbances and depression. By promoting wellness in all areas of an individual’s life, their body is better able to adapt or prevent unforeseen changes. 

Guide to Using CBD

What is holistic health?

Holistic health refers to your journey to optimal health and wellness by looking at your whole person – mind, body, soul, and emotions. 

A holistic approach is not something you practice when you are sick or not feeling right. It’s a daily proactive choice of healthy lifestyle decisions. When you practice holistic health, you recognize that your body might be made up of different parts, but each part works independently. When one part is not functioning correctly, your other parts are affected – usually negatively. 

Holistic health aims to help you experience a constant state of flourishing – physically and mentally. Rather than masking illness with treatment or only treating a symptom, holistic health approaches the problem at its root. 

For instance, suppose you’re suffering from chronic pain. Now, instead of providing you with pain killers, a holistic practitioner will look at every area of your life to find a treatment that targets your whole self. This can mean that instead of popping a pain killer to mask the pain, your treatment might be a mix of chiropractic care, a natural pain relief element (like CBD), exercise, stretching, and even diet to help relieve inflammation. 

Although conventional medicine seems like an easy fix, all it does is mask the pain. A holistic approach on the other hand, helps you learn how to listen to your body and help it heal naturally. Sometimes conventional medicine is needed, which is okay, but learning how to combine your holistic approaches with traditional medicine will yield you better results. 

Holistic health is proactive and preventative. Its goal is to create a lifestyle of healthy choices that help you flourish – mind, body, soul and emotions – daily. These lifestyle approaches consist of a nutrient-rich diet, regular exercise, sufficient amount of sleep, herbal supplements, and prebiotics and probiotics. The foundation of holistic health combines a healthy lifestyle, alternative and complementary treatments, and when necessary, western medicine. 

CBD oil

CBD for holistic health

The healing power of the cannabis plant is quite extensive and complex. The cannabis (and hemp) plant contains a wide range of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients, healthy fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and 120+ cannabinoids. Just a few of these plant-derived cannabinoids that provide therapeutic benefits include CBD, THC, and CBG. 

Today, a range of cannabinoids drugs and marijuana extracts are developed and recommended to medical patients every day as an alternative treatment. The Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC), CBD and other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant have been shown to slow the growth and spread of some types of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Cannabinoid supplements and marijuana extracts are also tied to a decrease in the use of pharmaceutical pain medications like opioids and over-the-counter medications. 

Smoking a CBD flower, with a vaporizer or another smoking device also has substantial benefits for epilepsy patients, people with severe pain, and cancer patients. For people suffering from such conditions, smoking CBD helps manage neuropathic, joint, and inflammatory pain AND it can also treat nausea, vomiting and muscle spasms. 

Smoking and vaping a weed flower also allows you to extract the entire scope of components in it. Beyond CBD, this includes the rest of the cannabinoids that stimulate our balancing endocannabinoid receptors and the other nutrient-dense components in cannabis. 

Many medical marijuana patients practicing holistic medicine prefer smoking marijuana compared to taking even low-grade drugs like Tylenol, because it provides mental relief without masking the pain someone is experiencing. Many pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter pain meds are designed to cover up the pain, which can be dangerous, because pain is a vital human response and survival mechanism. Only when we feel pain do we realize the need to back off and find a way to relieve the external or internal stimuli causing harm. 

An up and coming area of research looks at CBD use in athletes. Even professional sports are reviewing policies on cannabis use for injuries.

Benefits of holistic cannabis

Holistic medicine emphasizes the optimization of the entire self. So, for some, treating the soul is another part of this framework. Before considering how CBD may influence the holistic self beyond the mind and body, let’s quickly take a look at what philosopher, theologian, and jurist St. Thomas said on the matter.

St. Thomas is known for stating that, “the soul’s rest is pleasure and that one should seek the delight of the soul, unless that pleasure is harmful or disruptive to the balance of one’s mind and one’s life, or inappropriate for the person or occasion”. Because of the non-psychoactive effects of CBD and its impact on harmonizing the mind and body, CBD may be a beneficial way to please the mind, body, and soul without doing it any harm. 

With its role in regulating the body and mind (and potentially nourishing the soul), CBD and its supplements could do wonders in furthering the mission of holistic medicine. Nass Valley Garden is your most trusted source of high-quality, affordable, and high-efficacy hemp-infused products. Our products have been infused with the highest quality organically grown hemp isolate, and are legal in all 50 states.

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