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Healthy Habits with CBD for Stress Relief

  • Stress was once vital for survival, but now it can be detrimental to achieving healthy lifestyle habits.
  • There’s no magic solution to dealing with it, but there are practical and healthy habits to help, including CBD for stress.
  • The 7 healthy living habits to deal with stress are:
  1. Analyzing stress events.
  2. Prioritize self-care.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet.
  4. Having a strong morning routine.
  5. Get enough sleep.
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. Use CBD for stress relief.

Stress is widespread, but it’s not all bad. Actually, it’s vital for survival. Stressed evolved initially in us humans and other animals as a mechanism to help us endure the dangers of the wild. Even today, while we don’t hunt and live in the jungle anymore, stress is still an important mechanism to survive. 

But, stress can also be deadly. Learning to manage stress is an integral part of healthy living habits. But it can be pretty challenging to learn and incorporate different stress management strategies. However, there are some practical steps to managing stress and inculcating healthy living habits. 

When your baseline level of stress is reduced, you will start seeing some fantastic benefits that can help you in other aspects of your health. You’ll begin to feel better physically and even heal from injuries faster, but reducing stress doesn’t just provide physical benefits. More importantly, the mental health benefits gained from remaining calm when handling challenges are life-changing.

While it’s challenging to make the initial changes, getting started and sticking to a routine the first few weeks is the hardest part of building healthy living habits. Once you get the ball rolling and stick to them after a few weeks, these healthy living habits become precisely that, habits! Incorporating CBD for stress while building these habits works wonders and can calm the anxious feeling inside.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “magic strategy” to end stress or even deal with stress better right away. The best approach is a persistent layered one. With practice, you’ll better minimize your stress level when necessary and build resilience to more effectively face whatever comes your way. Here are 7 healthy living habits that could help you deal with stress. Consider incorporating CBD for stress while exercising these new lifestyle approaches. 

1. Get analytical

  1. Take a moment to realize when a situation brings about stress.
  2. Record the trigger event in a journal or diary.
  3. Try to give a numbered value on the stress event out of 10.
  4. Determine if there are alternatives (or if you can remove) this stress event from your life.
  5. If a stressful situation is impending and unavoidable, prepare and organize for it with research or practice.

Analyze stressful situations with this straightforward 5 step approach:

Being aware and organized significantly reduces stress levels. By figuring out what stresses you out, you can better prepare for these situations. This step ensures that analyzing and planning becomes a part of your overall healthy living habits and not just an activity to help you handle excessively high stress.

2. Prioritize self-care strategies

One of the best steps you can take toward lowering your stress levels is to get into the habit of taking care of yourself. Whether this means getting enough sleep, maintaining a balanced diet, or focusing on nurturing your mind and body with mediation, doing things that make you feel good will drastically reduce your stress levels. 

A good tip would be to start slow, try going to bed earlier than usual, and taking five minutes once a day to meditate. You’ll begin to see the benefits of five minutes of meditation each day. If you want to do more, then gradually increase more time according to your schedule. If not, continue the practice of meditating five minutes a day.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

Stress and overeating are uniquely connected because we gain comfort from eating good food, so it’s easy to overeat;  however, overeating leads to long-term health and emotional issues. When you choose to eat healthier, you’re actively choosing to feel better. Feeling better provides us with more patience to handle stress, and have more stamina to get things done. 

This one is definitely worth the effort! An excellent place to start is by cooking at home more often. If this isn’t feasible for you, how about making a healthier choice for one of your meals a day?

Wellness Routine

4. Start your day right.

What you do in the morning sets the stage for your entire day. You may not be aware of some of the things you do – or don’t do. These can cause you unnecessary stress, and now is the time to find out what they are! These healthy morning habits can set you up for a great day and a healthy lifestyle that includes less stress. 

5. End of the day bliss

Sleep is essential and undervalued. Stress can affect your sleep, and sleep can affect your stress. When your mind is overly active, your stress hormones are high enough to interfere with the sleep process. Inversely when you can’t sleep, your mind is actively operating, and a cycle begins to take place. These healthy nighttime habits can lessen or reverse the effects of stress to help you get a better night of sleep. 

6. Get regular exercise

The importance of exercise for stress relief can’t be emphasized enough! A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise can help you better handle daily stresses, give you an outlet to release tension, potentially provide a social outlet, reduce cortisol levels, raise endorphin levels, and more. 

Why CBD Products

7. Using CBD for stress relief

A 2014 study found that cannabidiol has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. Researchers performed the study on animal models with several experiments. There are various other forms of taking CBD. Oil tinctures are the most popular form of using cannabidiol. If you want to experience the effects faster, a sublingual method is ideal. Edibles, such as gummies, deliver the same effects as tinctures, but they’re slow-acting. Gummies are a fun way of ingesting cannabidiol as well! Similarly, CBD capsules are like gummies since they are discreet. Try giving CBD for stress relief a shot, it has properties that help with anxiety and depression.

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