CBD Skincare for Rosacea

Effective ways to use CBD Skincare for Rosacea

  • We spend large amounts of money on different types of products and dermatological treatments. Most of these options prove ineffectiveand unsafe, making us even more desperate to search for an organic solution to treat ourskin conditions.
  • One natural remedy to relieve such skin issues is with Cannabidiol or CBD skin care, which is extracted from the cannabis-based hemp plant. CBD is well-known forits anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, and pain-relieving properties.
  • A very common skin condition that CBD can also help relieve is Rosacea. CBD for rosacea is effective if taken in four different ways:
  • Sublingually: CBD tinctures
  • Orally: Edibles or capsules
  • Topically: oils, serums, balms
  • Inhaling: CBD vape

Through this blog, we explore CBD skincare for rosacea and how CBD products work to improve this skin condition.

What is rosacea?

 Rosacea is a common chronic skin condition with multiple signs and symptoms. It is generally characterized by redness across the chin, nose, cheeks, and forehead, which can lead to inflammatory bumps and pimples and can also feel sore and sensitive, particularly while using water or skincare products.

Rosacea flare-ups undeniably occur in cycles, with symptoms coming and going for weeks or months at a time. There can be severe psychosocial impacts of this condition, where patients suffer from lowered self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

There are four subtypes of rosacea. Each has its own set of symptoms and it is entirely possible to have more than one subtype at a time.

According to the National Rosacea Society, this skin condition may affect as many as 415 million people worldwide. It typically begins any time after the age of 30 and can impact all skin types, although it is predominantly found in people with fair skin who tend to blush easily. The condition is also more frequently diagnosed in women, but it tends to be more severe when established in men.

What causes rosacea?

The cause of rosacea is not fully understood yet. Its causes may involve the immune system, genetics, and environmental factors. Some people who suffer from it will also recognize particular triggers that make it worse, from alcohol to spicy foods, caffeine, cheese, stress, and exposure to the sun.

According to recent studies, facial redness, which is the most common symptom of rosacea, is caused by inflammation and dilation of the small blood vessels on the surface of the skin. Experts believe it is initiated by a mixture of irregularities in the innate immune system and neurovascular dysregulation.

Is there a permanent cure for rosacea?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that rosacea can be completely cured. However, knowledge of its signs and symptoms means that lifestyle changes, skincare, and medical intervention can help.

However, the arrival of a range of CBD skincare for rosacea has helped add a new treatment

opportunity for people suffering from this debilitating condition. In the later section of this blog, we’ll discuss how CBD skincare for rosacea can help you get some relief, but for now, here are some factors that can definitely help:

1. Skincare

One thing that will undoubtedly help control rosacea symptoms is adopting a gentle skincare routine. Use skincare products that are specially designed for sensitive skin and avoid harsh face cloths. Remember to never scrub your face and always dry it with a gentle cotton towel. Remember to apply non-chemical sunscreen every single day, to protect your skin from sun exposure. Aim for an SPF of 30 or higher.

2. Lifestyle changes

Adopting these habits every day can help reduce symptoms:

  • Recognize your triggers by keeping a food journal, and avoid them as much as possible
  • Avoid heat and excessive sunlight
  • Take steps to manage your stress levels by embracing beneficial patterns of sleep, diet,and exercise
  • Try to cover your face in cold weather to protect it from the harsh winds
  • Avoid irritating your skin by touching it too frequently

3. Medical intervention

Discuss the various oral and topical medications you can take to treat rosacea with your GP or dermatologist.

Antibiotics and steroid creams might be suggested to bring the condition under control. The anti-inflammatory properties of antibiotics are often effective and the steroid cream can help relieve skin conditions associated with rosacea.

However, both antibiotics and steroid creams can have adverse side effects, so more natural treatments are clearly preferable moving forward.

Is CBD skincare for rosacea effective?

Providing a range of medical benefits, CBD skincare for rosacea has also been shown to tackle

the underlying causes of it. As soon as our endocannabinoid system responds to the presence of CBD in our body, it restores the balance and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

 CBD skincare for rosacea can also dampen certain elements that trigger it, and its calming effects can have a positive impact on anxiety levels. CBD’s antioxidant properties also help protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Research is still ongoing, but according to ‘The Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoids in

 Dermatology’, the immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD helps in the treatment of several dermatologic conditions, including using CBD skincare for rosacea.

How to include CBD skincare for rosacea in your daily routine?

When seeking to prevent or treat an outbreak of rosacea, CBD can be taken through four different methods:

1. The sublingual method, where you can place a measure of CBD oil under your tongue and let it absorb, where it passes through the digestive system.

2. Orally through ingesting edibles or CBD capsules

3. Topically by applying oil, serum, or cream directly onto the skin.

4. By inhaling CBD oil vapors using a compatible vaping device.

While there is no cure for rosacea, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD skincare for rosacea offer a number of benefits in the treatment of the condition. CBD’s calming effect can also have a positive impact on your anxiety levels. Try including some high-quality, affordable, and high-efficacy CBD products by Nass Valley Gardens in your everyday routine and notice the difference in your skin.

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